Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Films of Ngai Kai Lam: The Seventh Curse - Hong Kong,1986 (Free Online!)

Ngai Kai Lam's The Seventh Curse - Man vs. Skeleton
Ahh, The Seventh Curse - A true bizarre classic, directed by Nam Nai Choi, a.k.a. Ngai Kai Lam, a.k.a. "That Guy that made The Story Of Ricky" (that fact alone should make you want to watch this movie). This one is an essential staple in the totally-insane weird-as-hell cult flicks from Hong Kong, in the vein of Indiana Jones and Evil Dead 2. Yep, it's similar to both of those classic films, except the Seventh Curse has kung-fu-fighting skeletons, rocket launchers, outrageous gore, a very naked Chui Sau Lai, and flying baby worm monsters. Which obviously makes it way better than any of its influences. Oh yeah, and buy a copy of the DVD while you still can - it's out of print now...

Chui Sau Lai nude in The Seventh Curse
Watch it in full with English subtitles online, courtesy of a Youtuber, by clicking on the link right... here:

Part 1 of The Seventh Curse


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