Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funky Forest: The First Contact (Naisu No Mori)

Naisu No Mori (AKA Funky Forest: The First Contact): Cult-favorite director Katsuhito Ishii (The Taste of Tea, Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl) teams up with the talented Shunichiro Miki and ANIKI to create a visually inventive masterpiece! Funky Forest is full of hilariously wacky and strange characters that takes you on an incredibly odd cosmic journey.

The story of Funky Forest centers around three unpopular brothers, Masaichi, Masaru and Masao, who are trying to be popular with the ladies, without much luck. But they finally get a chance to have a co-ed picnic with some sexy young women, and wacky hijinks enuse. With 21 surreal, free-associative stories ranging from a nonsense "sci-fi" comedy to a dance battle daydream, Funky Forest: The First Contact will challenge your mind and melt logic, as its unique characters find themselves in bizzare dimensions way past our imagination. Among many standouts, there's a very weird scene involving a guy in a yellow Teletubbie suit with a very long yellow penis that is as iconic as it is creepy and weird.

If I had to compare Funky Forest: The First Contact to another movie, I'd say that it probably most closely resembles Citizen Dog, although the two films really are nothing alike. To be honest, I don't think there are too many other films out there that are similar to Funky Forest: The First Contact, if any. It's truly a unique and mind-bending experience, the kind of which you can only get from Japanese cinema. Check it out!

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  1. Fudge 44 is very obscure and good clean scary fun - although it did only mild trade in it's country of origin, it has developed a following on the internet